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EDCW 0.2 Rob Hankins

Hello, my name is Rob Hankins. I am the high school principal at Hardin High School. And that is in Hardin Montana, which is a rural School District about 530 kids. The entire town has about 3,800 people in it. We are a 9 through 12 school and I guess what I'm most proud of in our school. This is my 9th year at Harden, and actually, I guess I probably should back up a little bit and let you know that Harden is right on the edge of the Crow Indian reservation. And so we have about a 75% Native American population. What I guess I'm most proud of is just the atmosphere atmosphere of mutual respect that we have created here in a hardened and the instructional framework that we have worked for the for the past four or five years to get implemented in and now, as we're seeing the benefits of having that and so that is me. Thank you.

Rob Hankins

High-School Principal

EDCW 0.2 Bonita Hayward-Demmons

I'm Bonnie Demmons. I'm the principal at Harry Miller Middle School in Ross. A New Brunswick Canada. It is a suburban school just outside of the city of Saint John, New Brunswick. We have a student population of approximately 375 ranging from grades 6 to 8, which are ages approximately 11 to 13.
Something that I am proud of would be the 3 R's of Harry Miller Middle School, which is respect, responsibility, and right choices. This is a language that we as a whole school staff speak with our students. We don't have a list of rules. But these are the common threads in our daily lives and in our daily life here at Harry Miller, and it is something that we're very, very proud of as a School staff.

Bonita Hayward-Demmons


EDCW 0.2 Chris George

Again, my name is Chris George. I'm the principal at Westside. High School in Jonesboro, Arkansas. We are located about an hour from Memphis Tennessee. Two hours from Little Rock Arkansas. We're in the northeast corner of the state. We are a rural school. We are Consolidated Consolidated School District. We have three communities, two very, very small farming areas, and then a little bit bigger town. But again, we are Consolidated since 1968. When our high school was built in 1985, our elementary students. And that just happened to be my first year on this campus. So I was a kindergartner. I've been born and raised here. My mom was a teacher here. But anyway, so in 1985, we brought all of our students to one central location, and we've been that way ever since.

The high school that I serve. We currently have around 685 students grades, 8 through 12. We have a middle school that serves grades 5 through 7, and then our elementary is pre-k through fourth. Right over 1,700 students district-wide. So we are not a terribly large school. But for this area, we are just right. Again as I mentioned. I went here my entire life, went to college right down the road, and then I was hired on here and we have several of our faculty who are just like that. We are lifers here, you know, we love to have those teachers who come from outside of our area to bring new ideas and such. But it's a great thing to have the ones that have the vested interest of of this school because it's all they know. So again, I appreciate all the work that is going to be done through this program.

Chris George


EDCW 0.2 Bobby Riley

Hey, I'm Bobby Riley. I am in Burlington Vermont and I run the two alternative programs. I'm the principal at the two alternative programs for high school here in Burlington. We are a suburban area Burlington's the small city of about 60,000 people about 4,200 students in our school district. Each of my programs has about 35 students. So I'm serving about 70 students total. And I'd say the thing that I'm most proud of, there's several, one our focus really on social emotional learning and well-being of the students developing relationships and really diving into restorative practices to support our students.

You know, we serve many marginalized students who have been or who have had poor experiences and the educational system and I would say the system often failed them. They were defined by their behavior and not really, by their needs so often and so paired with that, too. And thing that I'm proud about is that we really also focus on the mental health and create a trauma-informed environment for our students. So that we can really develop a place where they have agency, and they can develop a sense of pride of going back to school and a deeper connection to it. And then, we're also exploring a lot of alternative Pathways to earn credit and to develop a system towards graduation. So, a lot of project-based learning trying to implement things that also incorporate place-based learning and community.

Partnerships where internships can occur and things of that nature. And I'm On Top currently today, which is beautiful. There's a beautiful view of the lake here behind me, right back here. And so we're on a beautiful campus to and so that helps it creates a very nurturing therapeutic environment for the students. So that's it.

Bobby Riley


EDCW 0.2 Traci Kosmach

Hi, my name is Traci Kosmach and I'm the principal at River View Elementary in Stow-Monroe, Falls city schools. And that's in Ohio. We're a Suburban District. My school has about 320 students. We also house the emotional behavioral support program for the district. There are six elementaries all together. And so we get the kids who need some extra support. I'm super proud of the community that we have here. We are kind, caring, always learning and we keep kids at the center of what we're doing.

Traci Kosmach


EDCW 0.2 Mike Zboray

My name is Mike Zboray. I am the principal of the Pemetic Elementary School in Southwest Harbor, Maine. We are located in the state of Maine in the United States and our little town is on Mount desert island, which is the home of Acadia National Park. It is a small, I guess a rural school, but during the summer we have millions of visitors that come to the national park and visit Bar Harbor. Our little town, Southwest Harbor or North East Harbor filled with hikers and boaters. I have about 135 students pre-k through 8 and they go to a consolidated High School Mount Desert Island High School. What makes me proud? Well, it's a tight-knit community people willing to help teachers, who are committed to their students and also the educational partners that we have. Though we are a rural school on an island in Maine, we have two world-class science labs, the
Mount Desert Island biological lab and the Jackson lab that does genetic research. We also have a small College on the island, College of the Atlantic that provides a degree in human ecology. So a very interesting place to live and work and educate students. I'm looking forward to the program and meeting all of you.

Mike Zboray

K-8 Principal

EDCW 0.2 Rhonda Dennis

Hello, it's Rhonda Dennis again. I'm the principal at Antelope Elementary. My school is located in Little Rock, California. We are in a rural area. The high desert gets very, very hot, very, very cold, where we are.
My school has 252 students currently on campus. We are a preschool through Eighth Grade Campus, and something that we are proud of is that we are a VAPA school. So Visual and Performing Arts and we are working towards building up the the community in that art aspect.

Rhonda Dennis


EDCW 0.2 Dr Patricia Goolsby

Hello, my name is Dr. Pat Goolsby and I'm the principal here at the Combs Center for Success. We are an alternative school in the Combs Unified School District in the beautiful San Tan, Valley of Arizona. We serve first grade through 12th grade. We've only been in existence for about a year and three quarters. We have about 225 students. And we work very closely with all of our elementary middle and high schools in the district to work with our students. Something that I'm really proud of about my school has to be my extraordinary staff who really understand what it means to personalize learning and work with kids. We have flexible schedules. We do both online and face-to-face classrooms, and we believe that we are building a school that our students need.

Dr. Pat Goolsby


EDCW 0.2 Nicole Shaffer

Hey, everyone. I didn't make it outside, because the Wi-Fi connectivity outside my building is terrible. I am Nicole Shaffer. I'm the principal at Cook. Elementary School in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We are an urban school district of about 15,000 students. Currently at Cook we have 500 students in grades Pre-K to fifth grade, and I am proud of this school for several reasons. I was the assistant principal here and I am back as the building principal here, but I am proud of the fact that everyone here feels like it's a community and takes care of everyone, no matter what.

Nicole Shaffer


EDCW 0.2 Kari Franchini

Kari Franchini, Principal at Creekside Middle School here in Fairfield, Ohio. That's like half an hour outside of Cincinnati. It's fall. I don't know if you guys can see the trees. So, it's a little chilly here this morning, but we serve 1200 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Students. There's one other Middle School in our district that has a similar student population. And we are in Suburban as I mentioned.
And something we're really proud of is our music programs here in Fairfield. We have a show choir, that's nationally renowned and then our band, our marching band and just our music program in Fine Arts in general are awesome. 

Kari Franchini