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EDCW 0.1 Bobby Riley

Hey folks, I'm Bobby Riley from Burlington, Vermont. I work in the Burlington school district. For the last three years I have been the Principal of the alternative programs for the high school year Horizons and  OnTop, and for 10 years prior to that I was the elementary school principal at the integrated arts academy here in Burlington, and I've been in education for 24 years. Look forward to this journey and learning from all of you and getting better in my instructional practices and leadership.

Bobby Riley


EDCW 0.1 Ryan McCabe

Hey, everyone, my name is Ryan McCabe. I am the principal at Bronx Charter School for the Arts Middle School in the Soundview section of the Bronx. This is my second year in the role. Been a principal for 9 years now, but our school's been around 4, and this is my second year in the role looking forward to learning with everyone. Take care.

Ryan McCabe


EDCW 0.1 Paul Goffron

My name is Paul Goffron, I am currently principal at Cross Lutheran School in Yorkville, Illinois. We are a private Christian preschool through eighth grade school. This is my third year in this role here at Cross and I'm in my 17th year in education in total. I'm really looking forward to this program.

Paul Goffron


EDCW 0.1 Chris George

Hello everyone. My name is Chris George. I'm the principal at Westside. High School near Jonesboro, Arkansas. This is my 19th year in education. Previously. I was a health, physical education, driver's ed, basketball coach. I did that for 13 years. I was a dean of students at our middle school for five years. I was assistant principal at our high school for four years, and then this is my into my second year as the principal of the high school. This is the fourth year that I have followed Dr. Baeder and his Principal Center material. So I'm excited to dive in with this new material.

Chris George


EDCW 0.1 Amy Taylor

Good morning. My name is Amy Taylor. I'm PK-2 Principal in Knoxville, Iowa. This is my first year in Knoxville and my fifth year as a primary years principal in Iowa. Also, it's my 19th year as an educator, glad to be here.

Amy Taylor

PK-2 Principal

EDCW 0.1 Miriam Raccah

Hi, my name is Miriam Raccah I'm the executive director of Bronx, Charter School for the Arts. I have been in this position for six years and I've been in education for 20 years. That's me.

Miriam Raccah

Executive Director, Bronx Charter School for the Arts

EDCW 0.1 Bonita Hayward-Demmons

Hi, I'm Bonnie Demmons, I'm a principal at a middle school in Rothesay, New Brunswick. I have been at this present middle school as an administrator for about 14 years. I have been in education between middle level and high school, so middle level 6 to 8, High School grades 9 to 12 for about 22 years and I look forward to learning more about walkthroughs.

Bonita Hayward-Demmons


EDCW 0.1 Madeleine Defond

Hi, I'm Madeleine Defond and I'm at Ames Middle School in Oakland, California. I'm the dean of students and it's my first year in administration, but my 6th year at our school. And I'm really excited to get started with this program.

Madeleine Defond

Dean of Students

EDCW 0.1 Deanna Albert

Good evening everyone. I'm Deanna Albert. I am the assistant principal at Hardin High School in Harden Montana. This is my first year as an assistant principal. The last three years I spent as the instructional coach here in the high school. And before that. I was in elementary teacher and coach, so this is a really big change for me and I'm really looking forward to learning about these walkthroughs so I can get into the classrooms.

Deanna Albert

Assistant Principal

EDCW 0.1 Rhonda Dennis

Hello, my name is Rhonda Dennis. I am principal at Antelope Elementary in Pearblossom, California. I've been a principal there since January of 2021 so I'm brand-new and I have been in education for 21 years.

Rhonda Dennis


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