This is exciting. I am actually working from home right now. I'm principal of Milltown. Elementary School in St. Stephen. New Brunswick Canada, were very small school in the southwest corner of the province. We have a hundred, seventy-five students kindergarten to grade 5, and we're in a small town but 4,000 people in our small town here, in New Brunswick and we are one of two elementary schools, we're definitely the smaller of the two, and we have a a mix of socio-economic groups coming to our school, but mainly a lot of families that live in poverty and so I am working from home right now.

This is not my office. This is my couch and our support staff are on strike. So our custodians, EA's, and other support staff. Administrative assistants are on strike, and the minister of Education in our province has sent
Us all to work from home, so, we're doing remote learning similar to what happened during lockdown in covid, but a little bit different again. Anyway, I'm very excited to see what's going on in the certification and to catch up with you all. Thanks.

Heather Bell-Williams

K-5 Principal

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