Hi everybody. So I work at Amesbury Middle School, which is a five through eight middle school, in Amesbury, Massachusetts. And Amesbury is a very blue-collar border City to New Hampshire right on the border between Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We're right near Newbury port Legacy of the the whole Commerce, through the sea. And so we're sort of like a Suburban District because we're smaller on the smaller end like a Suburban District. We have a lot of the issues that are related to more of an urban District. As we're just a small city of about 17,000 people. And what I'm proud of of this school is last year. There was no principal in this building. There was an interim and that principle left. And then my assistant principal currently had to take over as the principal and the school was able to come together with the community with parents and really able to run the school and create a really safe environment for students throughout covid.

And it, I'm very proud of that that the teachers, and the staff and my assistant principal work together to create that environment in which I came in. And I had a lot to work with and I'm proud to call this school. My home. Now after being another district for most of my career, but Amesbury has a lot to offer, great Community. A lot of support from the citizens of the city, a lot of history in our community. People who have third fourth, fifth generation members in our community, and we want to bring all of those different resources together to help our school.

Jarred Haas

Middle School Principal

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