My name is Mike Zboray. I am the principal of the Pemetic Elementary School in Southwest Harbor, Maine. We are located in the state of Maine in the United States and our little town is on Mount desert island, which is the home of Acadia National Park. It is a small, I guess a rural school, but during the summer we have millions of visitors that come to the national park and visit Bar Harbor. Our little town, Southwest Harbor or North East Harbor filled with hikers and boaters. I have about 135 students pre-k through 8 and they go to a consolidated High School Mount Desert Island High School. What makes me proud? Well, it's a tight-knit community people willing to help teachers, who are committed to their students and also the educational partners that we have. Though we are a rural school on an island in Maine, we have two world-class science labs, the
Mount Desert Island biological lab and the Jackson lab that does genetic research. We also have a small College on the island, College of the Atlantic that provides a degree in human ecology. So a very interesting place to live and work and educate students. I'm looking forward to the program and meeting all of you.

Mike Zboray

K-8 Principal

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