I would assume that anyone who has been in education for a while has been the recipient of the feedback sandwich. As Justin stated in the video, it has always struck me as insincere and I have found myself overlooking the compliments to wait for the information in the middle. Also, it seems to me that the sometimes the balance is even worse than the simple 2:1 that the sandwich method assumes to provide because people tend to be more specific or heavy in the criticism part.

The alternative to me is to work on being direct with our folks and providing clear and focused feedback that recognizes strengths and helps a teacher to harness those strengths to address areas of concern. When a teacher needs recognition for work- it should happen in that way. When something needs to be addressed, the conversation should be direct and kind, instead of artificially following a formula that assumes a lack of understanding or intelligence on the part of the recipient. 

Ryan McCabe


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