In too many initiatives, change takes place on paper, but not in practice. When you adopt an evidence-based approach to changing practice, you'll know—with certainty—where practice is changing, and where it's not.  

People naturally vary in their readiness for change—some are early adopters, while others want to see their colleagues succeeding first. Rather than fight this natural variation, savvy change leaders capitalize on it to maximize organizational learning and minimize resistance.  

In this module, you'll learn how to help the right people go first with any change. We'll explore:

  • How the Will & Skill Grid can help you assess your school's capacity for change and identify which teams and individuals should go first
  • The Diffusion of Innovations model's five kinds of people, and where they each fit in your improvement initiative
  • Why getting the right people to change first is the key to preventing and overcoming resistance
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of making everyone start something new at the same time by turning a "bulk change" into a "lean change"
  • How to increase organizational learning with shorter cycles of inquiry


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