Once you've clarified what you're changing, and who will go first, it's time to get an insider's view of the work.

Effective change leaders don't micromanage...but they aren't hands-off, either. Instead, they practice what Toyota calls Genchi Genbutsu—a "go and see" approach that respects the professionalism of the people implementing the change, without blindly assuming that everything is fine.

Seeing the change in progress—firsthand—is at the heart of evidence-driven school improvement. We'll explore:

  • Why Toyota managers talk with employees on the assembly line—and what it means for instructional leaders
  • The power of "How?" questions to provide the evidence you need to truly understand and manage a change
  • Why instructional leaders should visit classrooms 500x a year—and what changes when they do
  • ​How to support your front-line professionals without stepping on their toes


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