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  1. We are doing second interviews for 3 Math positions now. The first interview was essentially a screening of the applicant’s qualifications in regards to the position descriptions. Here are some of the questions we are using in the second interview.

    1. Tell me something in your application materials you want to make sure I did not overlook.
    2. Is there anything not in your application materials, to help us know about you and how you view yourself in this position?
    3. How do you imagine this position at (this institution) will be similar or different from other experiences you have had?
    4. Your supervisor may walk in the classroom at any point during one of your outstanding lessons. What would they see?
    5. What is your wish list for the ideal job?
    6. What are some goals you have set for yourself related to teaching and learning over the next couple of years?
    7. Please describe some activities and teaching strategies to maximize inclusivity?
    8. What concerns or reservations do you have that would make you hesitate to accept this job?

    Amanda Baron

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